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Since it was founded, Therapy Design has given particular importance to "honesty" and healthy and strong human relations. We are providing you best solutions in our field with professional manner with high quality for modest prices. Our main domains are web design, website building, Google and facebook advertisement counselling and managing, UI design and software development.

Web Design

%100 Responsive, Fast, Compatible to all browsers, User Friendly, Easy to use

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Google Facebook Ads

Digital Marketing - Google and Facebook Advertisement Managing and optimization

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UI Design & SW Development

UI Design Support for your current systems, User Friendly and software development

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Web Design - Therapy

Therapy Design Team has always provided their customers high quality products, best solutions in their field with modest prices. We are always supporting our products after our works. Unfortunately in our time, there are many "companies" do some job but after that they dissepear. We put particular importance to honesty and humanity in our workd all the time. We are offering you best solutions in our field and if we work together, you will clearly see we are different in our work discipline.

Therapy Design is offering you solutions especially in web Design, website with SEO, search engine optimization, responsive web design, google adwords, google advertisements, digital marketing, facebook and social media advertisement management and counselling fields.

We are here to support you in our fields and offer you best solutions.

  • Responsive Professional Web Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Advertisement Management & Counselling
  • Facebook Advertisement Management & Counselling
  • Digital Marketting
  • UI Design
  • Web Application
  • Software Development
  • 7/24 Support

Why Choose Us?

High Quality - Low Price - Honesty - Profession - Full Support

We are using the latest technology in all of our works so that our customers can't fall back the speed of the technology. We are providing our costumers to use latest technologies in our solutions, so we keep you always updated.

Quality - Modest Price

We are not asking for more money than we deserve. We always are honest to ourselves, and we are not crazy about money. We are aware of the more important things in this field like building strong ties and co-operations.

We support "lets do it together" idea taking you into your project too to discover real needs in short time. In this way, we are doing our best to offer you the best solutions for your needs.

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Web Design and Advertisement Management & Counselling

We are doing our workd with honesty and friendly manner with our customers. Rather than being seller & buyer; we prefer to build strong friendships together with you too.

We are here to produce you solutions in Web Design, google adwords, facebook advertisement, UI Design and software programmming solutions.

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web Design, seo, ui design

Why Responsive?

  • Easy Reachable
  • Fast
  • No losing time and customer
  • Location Independent
  • Short loading time
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Cheap
  • User Friendly

Responsive important?

In our time, nearly all of the people are using smart phones everywhere; including even farmers in the villages, out of cities. And considering that these people are your potential customers, making them find you in internet from their devices in any time is really very important issue. As Therapy Team, we pay soo much attention in this issue so that our customers will not have any trouble about this. In addition, because of the campaigns that service prividers apply, more people are eager to use internet va their smart phones.

Besides the responsive web designs, responsive UI designs of software programs are crucial in our time. Considering the need of controlling the systems from a far place, this makes "responsive design" more and mroe important. As the Google and Facebook reports say, approximately over 65% people are using their smart phones while browsing the webpages.

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Designı

Over 65% of the internet users has been connecting internet network via their mobile devices, smart phones. Thus, it is very important for a website to support mobile friendliness. We are putting particular importance to have this property to all of our websites.

  • Compatible to all mobile devices
  • User Friendly
  • Fast loading
  • Simple but Professional Design

Web Design with SEO settings

We provide you modern design website that can be found on internet when needed.

Easy to read, use and Undestandable

Websites that can be used by any user. Your users will not force themselves to use your website pages without any effort.

Flexiable Web Design

Modular coding so that we can maintain the system more efficiently

Adversitement Management

In order to reach your potential customers, you have to shout like “i am here!” in digital World. Your avoiding advertisements will make your rivals successful and end up with your missing customers. We are providing high quality Google adwords and facebook advertisements.

  • True Internet Advertisement Strategy
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • True Targeting
  • More customer, More profit

Google Adwords Management and Counselling

We provide your advertisements can be seen by your costumers when they search for your keywords.

Facebook Advertisement Management and Counselling

We provide showing your advertisment caps to your potential targets from their facebook account when they are surfing on internet.

UI Design and Web Application Solutions

We build simple and effective solutions for your needs



Web Design